Tony W.
Jul 10, 2024
Why I Chose Techberry
learned about Techberry while reading the news on Forbes. It mentioned that they are pioneers in integrating AI into trading and currently maintain a substantial real-time trading dataset. Forbes is one of the most authoritative sources that I trust. I believe that if you are going to start investing with an automated trading platform, you should choose the best in their niche. I registered and want to observe for a while to decide which plan is best to start with.
Here is the link to the article where I read about them because I know you'll ask:
Adam C
Jul 05, 2024
they have the biggest trading data...
they have the biggest trading data pool, techberry analyzes more than 100,000 trading accounts online - that impressed me much!
BUT the service fee in amount 0f 40% is a bit high, isn't it ...?
Wang Fang 王芳
Jun 28, 2024
compliance check of techberry
I am not a customer of techberry, and at this point, I аm not pursuing investments due to insufficient funds. I work at HSBC bаnk, and my brother asked me to conduct a compliance assessment of this company, becаuse he was afraid it might be a scam. I can confidently state that techberry is a reputable organization. One of the indicators of their trustworthiness is their partnership with AmEX, Mastercard, and Visa. These companies carefully check all necessary documents, reports, and rules before they аgree to any partnerships. Additionally, Techberry’s loyаlty program with these compаnies further highlights their reliability.
marc gillson
Jun 23, 2024
TechBerry provides Loss Reimbursement System
TechBerry is making waves in the trading world, perfect for both beginners and experienced traders. One of the coolest things about it is the Trading losses reimbursement system. This means if negative trading day happens, TechBerry's got your back with a compensation that depends on your membership. Basically, the higher your plan, the more of your losses get covered by insurance. It’s a great safety net that makes you feel a lot more confident about diving into trading.
Ron Dean
Jun 18, 2024
first withdrawal experience
As a first-time user of Techberry's platform, I was initially a bit nervous about the process, particularly when it came to withdrawing my funds. However, my experience has been positive. The platform is incredibly convenient, making it easy to both fund your account and withdraw your earnings. I funded my account using Apple Pay, which was extremely comfortable and seamless for me. When it came time to withdraw, the process was straightforward, and I received the funds directly on my card.Getting my first withdrawal was a big relief. Everything went smoothly, and now I feel confident using techberry. I'm even thinking of upgrading my plan.
Jun 19, 2024
J.J. Arends
how long did it take for you to receive a payout?
Jun 19, 2024
Ron Dean
It took 3 days for the money to arrive on my card
Yan Chen
Jun 14, 2024
Planning to visit the 2024 VIP Global Event
As a VIP member, I am planning to attend the 2024 Annual Global Exclusive Event for VIP members. My main objective is to negotiate a reduction in the service fee. I believe the 10% service fee for the VIP membership plan is too high. I'll share more details after the event...
Mr. Dickins
Jun 10, 2024
Easy trading start
Techberry online has impressed me with its ease of use. With just $1,000 to start, I jumped into trading no problem. They only work with licensed brokers, so you know it’s safe.
The best part? Cashing out is super simple - got my money straight to my card, no fuss. If you're looking to get into trading, Techberry is the way to go.
Jun 10, 2024
Logan J Smith
Hello Mr. Dickens, quick qustion, why did you decide to start with 1k, and do you think this amount is suitable for beginners?
Jun 11, 2024
Mr. Dickins
I've started with one thousand since that's their minimum. I tested the withdrawal process and then upgraded my membership plan
ash hodgkinson
Jun 06, 2024
My take on TechBerry
TechBerry has been ideal for me as a surgeon with little time to manage my investments. The platform's AI-driven approach and estimated 11.2% monthly ROI allows me to focus on my work while trusting that my trading account is in good hands.
J.J. Arends
Jun 02, 2024
newbie review
I've been using Techberry for a few months, and I'm genuinely blown away! As a trading newbie, I love how the platform taps into data from over 100,000 trader's accounts. Real-time stats is fantastic—it really boosts my confidence in its reliability. Techberry has made trading both accessible and profitable for me.
Joseph Kosinski
May 29, 2024
Good Experience, Some Suggestions
I was skeptical at first, but I joined on a friend's recommendation and haven't been disappointed. The platform is safe and the returns are good, though I wish they were a bit higher in the White plan. I've successfully withdrawn money before, which is great, but I'd like the option to withdraw less than $1000 sometimes.
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