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Harlan, Missouri - reviewed 9 years ago

Thanks for your prompt attention--- you saved our Christmas!
"Again - thanks for saving our Christmas."

Josifina, Arizona - reviewed 9 years ago

Mr. W. McConnaighy
A very belated Thank you for all that you have done. We have been in shock. I know when we received your information that you have taken care of our taxes, Arthur and I cried. A weight was taken off our shoulders. I will be sending you a proper card in the near future.

Jose and Maria R. California - reviewed 9 years ago

Bill, with all the letters that I had received from the IRS the last two days, I was going more than crazy trying to figure out a way to disappear from this earth. And when I got to my office this morning my partner tells me, "by the way a fax for you came this morning and it's pretty good news."
Bill, I have read it many times and I still don't know if I am still sleeping or not. You know we pray and pray and pray for the Lord to perform a miracle, and when finally the Lord honors your prayer, we don't believe. All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD!!! I have been praying for you, your business, and your family all this time, and I am speechless. I don't know what to say, other than God bless you all. And as I said to you before we will compensate you for all your hard work.

Christine C. Florida - reviewed 9 years ago

"YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! You Rock!!!! Thank you so much! I hope they can get with Chase ASAP so I can have a check on the first! Ohhhh Thank You soooooooooooooo much!!!!!"

Bill W. Maine - reviewed 9 years ago

"Thank you for a job well done, your efforts on my behalf before the IRS are commendable and greatly appreciated. You can be sure that if any of my family or friends ever require similar services, I will give you the highest of recommendations."

David H. Tennessee - reviewed 9 years ago

Dear Mr. McConnaughy,
Thank you so much for your expeditious response. I will work something out & pay it in full. Once again I am so appreciative of all that you have done. It is truly a "blessing" that Alicia convinced me to sign up with you. Please send her my love & appreciation for her guidance, and in depth explanation that bottom line YOU were "THE MAN'' to handle my needs!
It is a "GOD SEND" that is a security blanket knowing that you always have all the answers!
I will let you know as soon as I have paid it, & fax you the pertinent information.
God bless you, your family, & your outstanding staff.

Timothy, AZ - reviewed 9 years ago

Dear Bill,
Thank you for the help you provided me in my Offer in Compromise with the IRS. As you know, my debt to the IRS was well over $50,000. But with your help and guidance the IRS accepted my offer of total payment in full in the amount of $2,503! I could not have achieved this without your help and will forever be grateful to you and your staff. I would like to somehow help others in my same situation by advising them to seek your assistance. The amount your office charges is so inconsequential in comparison to the large amounts we were facing with the government. Your previous employment with the IRS has certainly been an asset to you and to me. I never thought our offer would be accepted, but you knew different and you were right! I can get married now. I never would have subjected my girlfriend (now fiancée) to my debt and liens. But now those clouds over my head are gone and I/we can lead a normal life!
Debt and Lien-Free

Paulino F, CA - reviewed 9 years ago

Praise the LORD!!!
What a pleasant surprise first thing Monday morning, we can't thank you enough!!
We are forever in your debt
Thank you and Have a Great Day!! GOD BLESS!!

Allen P, CA - reviewed 9 years ago

God bless you Mr. McConnaughy. I really don't know what else to say, I have been very depressed by all of this and you are the Angel that has come to help me.
Thank you with all of my heart.

Robert, CA - reviewed 9 years ago

Dear Sir,
This letter is to extend our deepest appreciation for your invaluable services in regard to our daughter’s difficulty with the IRS. Because of your intervention, the IRS settled for about twenty percent. We thank you for your wonderful help. You are very efficient, professional, and considerate. Also, I think your fee was very fair considering all the work you performed for us. Because of your help our daughter can now get on with her life in a normal fashion, something that would have been impossible without your help.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill, CA - reviewed 9 years ago

To Whom It May Concern,
Bill McConnaughy is a man of his word. We had the unfortunate experience of being audited by the IRS and the state of California. Those audits left us in enormous debt to the government with no prospect of being able to pay, even in installments. My husband and I were contemplating closing our business, our health was declining under stress of losing our livelihood—we felt hopeless. Because of the liens on our bank accounts and our home, our plight was public knowledge. We received several letters from accountants offering their services, but Bill's really touched my husband right away. Bill did exactly what he said he would. He helped to get an Offer in Compromise accepted not only by the IRS, but by the state of California, too. We now feel hopeful because in two years our debt will be paid. We got our lives back, thanks to Bill.

Richard, MD - reviewed 9 years ago

We are now back at home from our sojourn to my disabled sister's home. She is now residing with us for a few months. Was much surprised and thankful to receive your letter notifying us of the IRS ruling for the CNC status. Your promise to us that you would try and obtain for us an eqitable , fair payment plan. You accomplished more than expected. We can not thank you and your firm enough. This will allow us to not live in fear of the IRS for a period of time and perhaps never again. Even with a tax lien on out home we can approach that if for some reason we have to move due to more illness or other problems. Our next step is to reconsult with our bankruptcy attorney for the next step in resolving our still considerable financial plight. Let me again express our sincere thanks for the work you were able to accomplish for us. Looking back over the past 18 months, I realize that it was a lot of work on your part and form us it was a whole lot of paperwork finding, copying, mailing, and faxing numerous documents.

Your office was dogmatic about what was needed; however the end result justified the work on my part. I did a lot of research on the web before I decided to consult your firm. I made the correct choice.

Scott M, Denver, CO - reviewed 9 years ago

Dear Bill:
I just wanted to thank you, your brother Don and Barbara for doing such a great job on handling my tax issues. As you know, I had years of back taxes and they finally caught up with me. I have to say that knowing I owed a LARGE sum of money to the IRS put a huge burden on my wife and I. It seemed as though we had no hope. Then my wife researched the Internet and found great reviews on you and your work. I am SO glad we called you! You and your staff were able to cut my tax debt to pennies on the dollar. WOW!
It was a pleasure working with all of you. I was always treated professionally and with courtesy. I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone out there that has IRS issues. Take it from me people ... McConnaughy and his crew know what they are doing and they are the best!

Lynda, California - reviewed 9 years ago

"Wonders will never cease! Thank you so much for your help...closed on a house today."

Gregory, California - reviewed 9 years ago

"On a personal note, my wife and I thank you for your help. It is citizens like you that keep society intact and functioning with a heart."