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Insurancedirect Reviews | Avg. Rating : 5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews.

Indao - reviewed 6 years ago

They are a part of People's General Insurance Corporation so you know it's legitimate. They offer great prices for auto insurance in the Philippines. You can sign up with them online, even get a promo code sent to you.

Bagwis - reviewed 6 years ago

You can use this site to get car insurance online. There are various promo codes also. You can save money using this site.

Marwen - reviewed 6 years ago

Really useful company. You can call to sign up or sign up online, also pay cash if you don't have a credit card. They have made getting car insurance so easy. I, myself signed up over the web, they sent me all policy info etc over email. Does not get more comfortable to deal with insurance matters. 

Jazper - reviewed 6 years ago

A company that sells auto insurance for great prices. They will send you a promo code + help you out with changing tires or jumpstarting the battery if you end up in trouble. Comes in handy for sure. 

Isagani - reviewed 6 years ago

Great car insurance deals online. For the Philippines drivers, good prices, quality deals.