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Anastasiadate Reviews | Avg. Rating : 4.69 out of 5, based on 28 reviews.

Timmy - reviewed 5 years ago

Anastasia Date was brought to my attention when i was very determined to start dating foreign women. It was recommended by a friend who was a user for quite some time. He had only good words to say so I decided to join too. In about three weeks I started chatting with Olga from Moldova and now we're at the stage where we're arranging to meet in person. Of course, I can't be assured it will end well but hopes are certainly high! Will update this review once I meet her.

Christopher - reviewed 5 years ago

I'm a business man and travel often so I don't have enough time to date anyone in an old fashion way so I decided to try out some dating websites. Anastasia Date caught my eye because of the professional layout of the website and looks of the women. It has the highest concentrate of good looking women of all the dating sites I've seen. I adore eastern euorpean accent! Sounds so hot!

Moshie - reviewed 5 years ago

I love Eruopean women and their grace and beauty. That's why I have chosen AnastasiaDate and haven't been disappointed so far. Have been a member for more than half a year now and I have to say that I am pleased with how the site is run.

Jonathan - reviewed 5 years ago

This site is so good that sometimes i don't want to find the one! I love dating, I love chatting and I love women. Anastasia Date gives you all of that with just simple few clicks. It has been pretty entertaining so far!

Jason - reviewed 5 years ago

AnastasiaDate.com is one of the greatest dating websites out there. Girls are very friendly and outgoing and i really like sending flowers to the ones i like. Thumbs up!

David - reviewed 5 years ago

Anastasia Date is seriously one of the best dating sites I've ever come across! Unbelieveable! Very nice layout and ladies are just extraordinary beautiful and nice. Hard to pick just one!

Josh - reviewed 5 years ago

I really enjoy videos of the ladies - it's a great way to see how someone looks like without having to talk to them live if you don't like them. I'm loving the layout of the website too, especially their serch filters - very useful because I am very picky!

Robert - reviewed 5 years ago

I'm always for trying something new. After my divorce I was left with bitternes and sadness so I was looking for some dating site that will cheer me upa bit. I didn't count on finding the love og my life, but Natasha surprised me and now we're engaged. The wedding will be in August next year and I can't wait to start all over again. Thank you Anastasia Date!

Ken - reviewed 5 years ago

Found my perfect woman on AnastasiaDate.com! It took me a year before I decided to meet Olga with whom I was chatting for quite some time, but when I did i regreted that I didn't do it sooner. She is amazing! Beautiful, well manered and an excellent cook. Would recommend this dating site to everybody!

Tim - reviewed 5 years ago

In the sea of dating sites these days, you can easily get lost. But this is where you pay from premium service, and that's exactly what you'll get. Even before I've found my girl, never had any problems communicating with ladies on site. After this experience though, I'm even more convinced - if it's meant to be, it will be. No matter the medium, love finds its way. Good luck everybody who's not afraid to look for it, I suggest you try AnastasiaDate

Jimmy - reviewed 5 years ago

I soooo love anastasiadate! Whenever i want to surprise my favorites with little something - i just send them flowers or other gifts via the website itself. I don't even have to bother picking up the phone! Brilliant! I wish i knew about this dating site sooner!

Jack - reviewed 5 years ago

I lost faith in dating world since my fiance and I broke up couple of years ago. But then my friend recommended me Anastasia Date and swore I wouldn't be dissappointed! And boy - he was right! Found THE ONE within 4 months! Julyia and I have been communicating the whole time intensively. We met and now we're working on her green card! I never thought I would say that but - love is on the internet you guys!

Norman - reviewed 6 years ago

Women on AnastasiaDate are GORGEOUS! It's on a pricy side but I can totally understand since it's truly a premium service! I don't mind spending a few bucks on my future! Aren't we all hoping for the best return on the investment? ;) Can't wait to meet some of the girls - planning a trip to Ukraine next month!

Michaud - reviewed 6 years ago

I joined the site a couple of months ago because i lost a bet with my friends. Haven't found the love of my life or anything but i was positively surprised by how much fun it can be to just chat with people. I get to talk to pretty Russian women. It's pretty cool I say

Remy - reviewed 6 years ago

Out of several dating sites that focus on guys dating European women, this is the best quality. I've used the site for several months now and am enjoying my time there. The services are easy to use, the women are accessible. What more could you want?
I only have to point out that using the site is not free, so if you don't have a budget for this - find something else. 

Jerry - reviewed 6 years ago

If it was not for the network I would not have found her...and you can too. Just don't be cheap as no woman will give it up that easy.

Brock - reviewed 6 years ago

If you're looking to date Eastern European women then it's a perfect site. I tried it for a while but decided to go local instead. Not a bad site though.

Seamus O'Hallohan - reviewed 7 years ago

I enjoy the site for what it is, not what I fantasize it to be. I like talking to beautiful women, and I don't know an easier way of doing that without buying them an expensive drink in an expensive bar. (There are no expensive bars in my town) It's an enjoyable experience, and I'm learning a lot about the beautiful country of Czech Republic from a fine cultural ambassador named Irina.

Schembri R - reviewed 7 years ago

I am truly happy with the service since joining and so far I met with some nice beautiful women. I am confident that I will meet my woman of my dreams. Soon I'm travelling to Russia to meet a nice lady I am getting to know bit by bit and see what happens. Do not waste any money on other sites as this is the site that really works.

Urshulgi - reviewed 7 years ago

I think that it's a pretty good service. Look, I'm not looking for a wife, but if I meet someone really special maybe I'll change my mind. AnastasiaDate is a fantastic place to meet friendly and beautiful girls, mostly from Eastern Europe, and engage in conversation with them. How many hot women in your town will sit down and chat with you for an hour for free? yeah, didn't think so.

Russ - reviewed 7 years ago

I actually got to meet the women I emailed and while yes their pictures were enhanced, they were real women with real feelings. I actually communicated with one off-site after meeting her and I will forever carry her in my heart. You have to realize they have to protect these women from men with bad intentions. Yes, there are scammers on every site so guard yourself.

J.Hull - reviewed 7 years ago

If someone asked me what would be my top dating site, AnastasiaDate would definitely be the one I would recommend. When you sign up you have free credits and you can see whether you like the site or not. Then, if you don't - you don't call it a scam just because it costs money, but you delete your account. Right? It's not that difficult. If you like it, you stay on as a member, pay whenever you can and chat with the girls. Like I did. It never failed me.

Company Response

Thank you for your lovely comments. We also have a sister site called http://anastasiadateladies.com that has more Russian and Ukrainian Women looking to meet nice American men. Good Luck!

Paul Reilly - reviewed 7 years ago

Guys this site is not match.com where you can find a neighbour girl to date. If you ain't got the money to afford stop your b i t c h e n and just go to the bar. Amazes me how many cheap as s MFs are here thinking they going to find a girl from a Pit Bull music vid and make no effort. You think she is going to chose you if you don't go visit her or even chat with her long enough to know you serious. Don't have the player...hate the game!

Company Response

Thank you for your lovely comments. We also have a sister site called http://anastasiadateladies.com that has more Russian and Ukrainian Women looking to meet nice American men. Good Luck!

Bill M - reviewed 7 years ago

I don't see what is this fuss all about. And even IF they pay girls to join the site, what's the problem?! If I had dating company I would do it too if I would want hot women there. But that doesn't mean girls can't fall in love during the correspondence. We all know how Russian girls want to go outside their country badly. I don't blame them. But they're legit.

Ronald - reviewed 7 years ago

A enjoy spending free time chatting with lovely ladies on the site. I don't have time to set up dates in real life most of the time, so I have opted for online dating. Has worked well for me this far. 

Roberto B - reviewed 7 years ago

The most important quality of this site is the realistic ability to find that special someone. I think , you shouldn’t expect to meet someone right away. Patience sometimes brings luck, and then again, love takes time. There’s no need to hurry into anything. There are many amazing women on AnastasiaDate.com. I guarantee you they are worth the wait

Antony D - reviewed 7 years ago

The story is pretty common, I signed up and started to communicate. Overall impression was that the girls are all perfect and attractive, nevertheless, some of them communicated unwillingly and it took them so long to answer me back. But due to the search I've done I found a person who was adequate and not about the money :) We are still communicating and I can surely say that you can find your love here, just need to be patient like in life. Good luck to all!

Tim Robinson - reviewed 8 years ago

I began communicating with Irina on Anastasiadate in September. I was immediately attracted by her attractive and adorable tone, and remarkable intelligence in her letters. By the 5th letter, I said that I must rush to meet her. Irina met me at the Kiev airport on December 10. It was love at first sight! Anastasiadate was there all the wayto offer us support us when we needed it – especially with translation and arranging my visit. I’m more than satisfied!