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Best Business Opportunity I Ever Did - reviewed 10 years ago

Active Energy Boost provided us an opportunity to represent their product lin in an exclusive territory here in Long Island.
It was the best move I ever made!  After years of being in the route business for various product lines, this is the only company that takes the time to train their distributors and truely wants them to succeed.

It was so easy to get started too.  What was so great about them, despite what i read from other people who were declined by Active Energy, they got me started with a small down payment and allowed me to build my business by buying inventory that I can re sell....it was a no brainer!  I recouped my entire investment in 30 days!  

Its a shame that people who were declined in the past to become a distributor have the audacity to spread rumors and defamatory remarks, but then again, I am so glad Active Energy doesnt allow those bozo's as part of the Distributor network.  I am real glad I am here, however!

Thanks again to the entir Active Energy Team and their persistance to ensure I succeed.  I intend on growing as much as possible thanks to them allowing me to have this opportunity!  Don-LI

Company Response

Thats Great Don....I am just getting started, as well. Still in training but they seem to be very professional and cover everything up front so there is no suprises when I get out in the field. Good luck to you