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sanbury - reviewed 7 years ago

My family was looking for a home for over 1 year to accommodate 3 kids including one with special needs. We finally realized that buying an old home and retrofitting with wider doors and wheelchair accessible shower was going to be an expensive venture so we decided to build a new house. This sounded good until we heard estimated time to finish project of 18 months. We kept looking and found the guys from USMODULAR. They made it sound easy and there time of construction was much less than others. We bought land and had USMODULAR design our get permits and finally build our home. It was a fairly easy process and our home looks great. We added a custom cast concrete mantel to house to give our home a custom touch. Highly recommended this company to anybody looking to build a house.

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Pilot's Dream Home Becomes a Reality - reviewed 7 years ago

“Building my new dream home was difficult and challenging, and a real problem for me and my wife, until we came across USModular Inc. From the word “go” we were dealing with a team of forward thinking and motivated team players. My profession as a Pilot requires me to work overseas. There are additional issues associated with keeping tabs on all the progress associated with building a new home. We had heard the dreaded experience and horror stories of other families. Therefore, in absence of my personal presence on site, we needed absolute confidence in the organization that was willing to take on the task of fulfilling our dream. Discussions and negotiations about our project with USModular has assured us of the delivery of a quality product and given us the peace of mind to go ahead with the construction in full confidence with the final outcome. Abe Ferreira & Todd Kesseler and the team at USModular have always made themselves available for consultations and explanation whenever required. This has given us a great deal of confidence in the building process and our decision to choose USModular to handle our dream project. To date we have been very satisfied with ideas, budget, plans and projected development dates and we are certain that Abe, Todd and the rest of the team will continue with their professional dedication to execute the project on time, on cost, and as planned. At the present time we would not hesitate in recommending USModular, Inc. to any prospective dream home builder.” John & Badry Roshan

Modular Construction Makes Dream Home A Reality For California Family - reviewed 7 years ago

Building my own custom home has always been a dream of mine, but I never pursued it because I thought that it would be a long, expensive and stressful process.  That was before I heard of USModular, Inc. and met with Todd Kesseler.  I have been so pleased at how relatively easy and stress free this process has been!  Working with Todd has been really easy; he is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, very prompt in his replies and a genuinely nice guy!  Working with Bill Cavanaugh on the design has also been a great experience.  Bill is also really easy to talk to, patient and really helpful in assisting me design the layout, and all the finishes for my custom home.  I always feel like whatever my question or concern, the team at USModular genuinely care that I am happy with the process and results, and they have made this process really easy!



Carlsbad, CA

US Modular Home Builders Gets High Praise From Customer - reviewed 8 years ago

Elaine Patel, proud owner of a modular home set in just one day is pictured with Abe Ferreira, Principal at USModular, Inc.

Mrs. Patel was so exciting and amazed by what she witnessed the day her home was setup that she wrote us a letter describing her feelings.

Abe Ferreira/ Todd Kesseler / USModular Inc.

Dear Abe and Todd,

I’m writing you this morning, scratching my head and thinking, “what the heck did I just experience”. I find myself, three days later, replaying October 9, 2012 in my mind and thinking “how was US Modular able to make this happen”.

When arriving at the lot Tuesday morning and seeing an enormous crane in my front yard with only a couple of feet of room on either end, I thought “there is no way this can work”! With a guy-wire running diagonal from the front of my yard to a vertical pole, trees branches dangling in every direction and power lines bordering our property, the only other obstacle left would be snow in L.A.

To my complete amazement, the crane swung the first module into place as easy as my son playing with his Lego set. The day ran smoothly, and instead of our house being a construction site, it soon became a neighborhood block party. Neighbors, friends, business people and onlookers came in waves and I distinctly noticed that people quickly became entranced and could not take their eyes off of what they were seeing. Instead of staying for a couple of minutes, onlookers were pulling out their cell phones and calling their friends and family saying “you have to see this”. People that were not familiar with modular building got an insightful sneak peak and have now become believers.

I must have made 10 calls to Kevin on Tuesday, while he was perform ing an emergency surgery, to gage when he would be done so he would not miss this experience. His nurse, who relayed one of my messages, said “your wife said your house is being unloaded”. She quickly caught herself and said “wait, what?!” In all, what I thought was going to be an anxious day turned out to be one of the most exciting days of my life and I owe it all to USModular. Your hard work, expertise and attention to detail is very much appreciated.

I’m looking forward to the day I get the keys to my new home and will continue to tell people of what unfolded just days ago.


Elaine Patel