Womens Fitness

800 Steeles Ave W
Vaughan Ontario L4J 7L2 Canada



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360active Reviews | Avg. Rating : 4.5 out of 5, based on 12 reviews.

Janine - reviewed 6 years ago

This is a really different type of place to work out. There is lots to do and not just the treadmill. yoga is amazing and pilates is the best. I have not done much of the boot camp but it looks very popular too.

Fit Chick - reviewed 6 years ago

I just got a $99 membership for 1 year!!!!! Such a good deal my mom and her friend also joined.

Since I just signed up today I don't have much to say expect the place is really.....pink! It's pretty! Very clean, everything works and lots of stuff like ropes and balls that I have never done before.

Looking forward to our free boot camp with my mom :)

Member - reviewed 6 years ago

Good place where to workout exercise yoga. Whoever no like this place and do bad review is lie

Anastasia - reviewed 6 years ago

Really like coming to 360active for the yoga and pilates. I have tried the boot camp and found it to be really fun and much easier then i thought it would be.

The only downside is Lauren is no longer there and I really loved her!!!

Svetlana - reviewed 6 years ago

Coming from Goodlife this club seems like my own private gym! It's super quiet during the day and the staff are always available to help me whenever I want. I love the free body assessments that they give. I have referred two friends so far and would highly recommend

Eva - reviewed 6 years ago

Love love love 360active. I have lost so much weight here and met some amazing people. The yoga is the best in the city and INCLUDED in the membership. Did I mention I love this place?

Ana - reviewed 6 years ago

Really enjoy coming here for the up to date equipment which is so much better then your regular gym

Good management that keeps the place clean, well maintained and friendly. All staff always call me by name. Patricia and Daria are amazing yoga instructors. Lauren is a great trainer.

The only thing I will complain about is I paid $700 for my membership and there was a $99 promotion on, that is quite a drop!!! I would have given a 5 star if I had of got that deal!

Hailey - reviewed 6 years ago

The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good- location, equipment, programs, yoga, boot camps, pilates, women only
The bad- some of the boot camps cost extra
The ugly- closed sundays and opens at 9am on Saturday--- should be 6am!!!

Recommend? Definitely

Happy Member - reviewed 6 years ago

I joined this club on a special and got a really good deal. The weight loss programs helped me lose 18 pounds in the first month. What I like is the staff, its ladies only and thats its not too busy. 

I have joined fit4less and did not feel comfortable working out with all the men in there and it was too busy. 

things i dont like is that its not open on sunday and there is no noon time yoga which would be perfect for me. There is noon time yoga but only on friday.

Victoria - reviewed 6 years ago

I have never joined a gym before and I was scared to go to this one because I am overweight but I am so happy that i joined. The staff are fabulous, caring and supportive. The programs, the fitness, the bootcamps and yoga are so good that I lost 10 pounds and I just joined.

Very happy and highly recommend.

Stella - reviewed 6 years ago

The hours suck. The door says 6am but they actually open later then that.

I need this place to open at 5am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on

Alice - reviewed 6 years ago

Top ranked fitness club in the Freshco Plaza at Bathurst and Steeles. Coming from Goodlife, Ladies Clubs of Canada and a bunch of other clubs this is the place that I will never leave.

Service, price, clean, not jammed packed, great equipment. I can't really think of any downsides, maybe not 24 hours?